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Independent Insurance Agent

Do you have questions about Medicare?

We understand you may have many questions about how Medicare works and the kinds of Medicare Plans available in your area. Just ask us for a free and personalized consultation to learn about your Medicare choices.

Stay on course with Medicare education and insurance solutions!

Medicare Advantage . Medicare Supplements . Dental . Life . Annuities .

Who we are and what we do.

We specialize in advocating and educating Americans on their Medicare benefits then designing customized insurance solutions. We believe our clients desire a safe, healthy and secure future for themselves and their families. We understand the difficulties most Americans face as they deal with the high cost of living. Our pledge is to find solutions that fit the needs and budget for every client.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up someplace else”
- Yogi Berra

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Our Vision

Life has challenges and we have solutions.

We will strive to be the very best at protecting our fellow Americans and help them secure a full and happy future despite the difficulties that life brings.

Our respect for veterans and seniors is unwavering and we understand their unique healthcare and financial challenges. We will effectively use our resources to protect our client's interests. We will maintain lasting relationships with our clients in order to provide them with advice and assistance as their situations evolve.


Our veterans deserve the best we have to offer.

As a veteran owned business, we are uniquely qualified to assist transitioning veterans. We provide free consultations that help military members and their families.

We can help veterans understand how to use VA healthcare benefits in conjunction with their Medicare plans.

Medicare Advantage, Supplement, Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Advantage, Supplement, Prescription Drug Plans

We educate Medicare Beneficiaries then help them with Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, and Prescription Drug Plans. We know Medicare plan can be confusing lay out their options and help them choose Medicare plans that meet their needs and budget. We also help with long-term care solutions.

Life Ins.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an essential part of life. It protects families from financial hardship associated with the loss of a loved one. Life insurance can be the foundation of a sound financial plan. We customize life insurance solutions that give peace-of-mind.



The cost of a hospitalization can be thousands of dollars or more. Wellness and healthcare screenings can provide early detection to disease or other conditions. Healthcare insurance is a necessary part of family life. We work hard to match our clients with the most affordable plans that allow them to see the doctors they prefer and have access to the preventive screenings and treatment they need.

As an independent healthcare insurance agent, we protect individuals and families by finding healthcare plans that have the appropriate coverage that will fit you budget.

Are you Christian? Ask us about ACA exempt Christian Healthcare Cost-Sharing Plans.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

We work with a number of dental plans that bring value and help keep those pearly whites in good shape. Other supplemental plans like accident and cancer insurance help pay cash benefits to replace lost income. Please ask us about supplemental plans.



Set up an income stream in retirement.

  • Medicare Advantage, Supplement, Prescription Drug Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Dental Insurance
  • Annuities
Take care of your children.

Insurance for
your child's future

Help your precious little ones with an affordable head start that will last a lifetime.

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Independent Agent
Marc A. Manor
1301 Riverplace Blvd, Suite 800-145
Jacksonville, FL 32207

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